Design Trust: Washington, DC Interior Design Meeting of Minds


Above: Design Trust meeting in the spring of 2016 in Washington, DC at the Kravet Showroom, Washington Design Center

It was quite an honor this past spring when I was invited to be a part of Design Trust, which is a group of designers from all over the country who come together several times a year to collaborate and inspire each other.  Officially, Design Trust is described as “an Invitation-Only group of exceptionally professional interior designers that value trustworthy collaboration, share knowledge and skills and inspire each other’s pursuits of success beyond success … and have fun doing it, too.”

This group has inspired and pushed me in ways I had never imagined in my interior design career.  I am so grateful to be a part of it.  Our next meeting is in November, and we will be in New York City.  I will fill you in when it’s over .  Should be a great weekend.  Can’t wait!


Design Trust Meeting, Spring 2016 in Washington, DC

Stay Inspired,

Margery Wedderburn

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