DC Design House Process – Butler’s Pantry – Part V

DC Design House Process
Butler’s Pantry
Part V

We are contining our series on the design development of the Butler’s Pantry for the DC Design House, a showhouse which will feature 27 local designers for a month in April and early May.

So with the walls, ceiling and colors figured out, we moved on to the flooring.  Here were some of our ideas:

Home in Potomac, Maryland by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

We designed the home above and used a Helios style striped rug a few years ago, and I was thinking that this linear quality might be nice for the show house, but in a different colorway.


Here is another image from the Helios website of this style of carpet, which can be made in to an area rug.

However, we decided to do something more natural in style and feel, and what better than a sisal rug to fit this bill?  Stark Carpets is helping us out here, with the sisal shown below on the bottom.

While the top style is really casual and country farm – ish, we needed the lower one because we are now going to add stenciling to it and tie it in with other elements in the room.

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out what chandelier to use.  Something fresh, different and unexpected.  See below some of our first considerations:


This was one of our first choices, from the Horchow catalog.  We loved the reflective quality of it which would be perfect withe the beautiful light streaming in that window.


Then I found this utterly amazing Dandelion Chandelier, above, on the Dering Hall website and fell in love.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful or ethereal?  I tried to get this for our room but it is a brand new light fixture by Remains Lighting in NYC, and they could not meet our deadline for the show house.  So we searched on…

We found this one above which seemed similar to the Dandelion.  This is a beautiful product from Matthew Studios Inc. of NY.  We never could reach them, though.  We left messages but did not hear back.

But then I had an epiphany about what I wanted to do…  See below…


This is the perfect thing for our Butler’s Pantry.  It is from the American Eye showroom in Washington, DC.  And we are going to lacquer it a peacock blue tone.  Should be really pretty.

With this completed, I then decided on the stencil pattern for the area runner, which will be a peacock stencil pattern which mimics the pattern of this chandelier.  Voila!  See below.  Our faux painters are working their magic again with this idea…

Here are our samples.  Which one do you like the best?  We already know what we are doing.

Okay, stay tuned for more very soon.  We are having fun with this and hope you are too.



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