DC Design House Part XI – Butler’s Pantry

DC Design House Part XI
 – Butler’s Pantry

We are now working on the strie wallpaper by my faux painter, Stacey Tranter of Twin Diamond Studios.  We met at the house to look at her fauxed wallpaper samples for the back walls of the closets.  What do you think?

I didn’t want to just paint the walls one flat color for the backs of the shelves.  While I do stries all the time in the interiors we design, I wanted something more fun and lively for the backs of these shelves.  We will place lots of items on the shelves, and the items will need a dynamic background.

We decided to bring the darker stripe tones closer together so there is more of a repeat between the various colors.  Wait till you see the real thing installed.

Here is a closeup of the actual wallpaper.  It has these tiny flecks of gold in it which you can’t relaly see in the pictures but it’s fantastic.

Above:  You can see a bit of the window treatment fabric stripe underneath the wallpaper sample at this moment.  All ties together like we’d hoped for.

Here is our chandelier going from a champagne tone (which is an exceptionally beautiful finish.  You can still see a bit of that finish on the candelbra portion of the chandelier).  This cchandelier is through American Eye at the DC Design Center.

And here is our wallpaper, a work in progress.  Realistic, isn’t it??

Stacey Tranter, our faux painter, is also adding the stenciling to the sisal area runner.  Here are our samples which I showed you before, but this one above is our favorite, which not only has variation in the size of the circle from top to the bottom, but the coloration changes as well.  They will make each circle a bit thicker for the actual rug but keep these same proportions.

Above: Faux samples of the sisal runner for us to select.  I prefer the sample on the bottom.  How about you?

 Above:  Here is Michael DiGuiseppe helping install the ceiling wallpaper.  Michael is amazing.  Best.Wallpaper.Installer.Ever.  We love him.  He is actually installing the Hines wallpaper on the 3 walls for our Butler’s Pantry.  And he’s installing wallpaper for several other designers in the show house.  Michael will install the wallpaper on the walls after the ceiling work is complete.

So… what do you think of the ceiling wallpaper here??  Doesn’t it look like real wood?  Stacey Tranter of Twin Diamond Studios is amazing.  This is a special custom wallpaper that she made for our space.  Love how it turned out!

And now she is on to adding the closet wallpaper…Isn’t it cool?  Love the strie lines. And the colors.  We pulled it all together using our palette of spring green, peacock, aqua and turquoise.  We’re getting there!

Above:  Here is our wallpaper installed on the 3 walls.  Michael, our wallpaper installer, is finished.  SO!  Wallpaper is complete, chandelier is installed and we have added some plates.  More to come very soon as we continue our work this week.  And this is crunch week .  All spaces must be complete by Friday, March 27th.  Lots to do.


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