Japanese Floral Arrangements

Are you planning an event soon?  Like a wedding or graduation party?  If so, maybe you need one or two floral arrangements for the celebration.  We would like to point your attention to Japanese floral arrangements because they are simple, beautiful, and absolute works of art.


Japanese floral arrangements are considered an art form that strives to bring out specific aspects of each plant in the arrangement as well as evoke an emotion.

Every native plant used in a Japanese arrangement has a symbolic meaning and only seasonal plants are used for each time of the year.   In the spring, it is likely to see Narcissus and Japanese Iris; while in the summer, Cow Lily is more common.  Bamboo grass is used all year round as it isn’t seasonal.

Photo by Carlos Donderis, via Flickr

Every flower and leaf is treated with the upmost care and cut at just the right length before being placed at an exact angle so as to show the inner beauty of each aspect of the arrangement. Even the negative space is as important as the flowers.


There are many styles for Japanese floral arrangements that range from more elaborate (nine or ten stems) to modest and minimal (one or two stems with a few leaves).  The kind of arrangement you choose should be decided based on the individual occasion.


Japanese floral arrangements became very popular in the 15th or 16th century but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that Western flowers (plants not native to Japan) were incorporated into the arrangements.


Maybe you want something simple to be the center piece of an intimate family event or you want something that captures the eye of all your guests?  There is a Japanese floral arrangement that will be perfect for you. Just reach out to your favorite florist now!

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