Smart Homes – Are You Ready?

Imagine if your home could help you get up in the morning and ready for your day, keep your house safe and more energy efficient all day long, and start your dinner before you come home. What would that be like?

Interior Design by Margery Wedderburn Interiors. Timothy Bell photography.

Picture this….

You wake up to soft music, automatic shades adjusting to let in the light, and the smell of brewing coffee. Your feet hit the floor and on your way into the shower (already preheated to your favorite temperature) your feet are welcomed by the warmed radiant heated tile floor.

Bathroom renovation design by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC. Photography courtesy of Timothy Bell.

Now you are in your kitchen and as you are enjoying your perfectly timed, freshly brewed coffee, the smart TV automatically turns on so you can find out the latest in news, weather and traffic. You can check in with the kids over the video monitor to see if they are awake and getting ready for school.

Kitchen design by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC. Timothy Bell photography.

Once you all leave, the house sets itself for “away” mode with the temperature, shades, door locks and alarms all set automatically.

While you are at work, your phone alerts you if someone comes to the door or rings the door bell. You can talk to them via the doorbell if you wish, or even let in the cleaning service that you forgot was scheduled for the day.

This part might be one of the best things: The washing machine starts the load of towels so they will be washed when you get home…

Designed by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC. Timothy Bell photography.

…and the smart oven starts the main dish that you popped in the oven before you left in the morning. On your way home you stop at the grocery store but you can’t remember everything that you had wanted to pick up. So you check the inside of the refrigerator via its inside camera and your phone and now know that you need orange juice and more milk for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Wow, this is incredible! How much more can I get done in a day with all this “help”? And why didn’t I think to add this sooner? More and more, our clients are asking us to create smart homes with all the bells and whistles of technology. And we are constantly amazed at how much there is out there to add. We are loving how we can make our clients’ lives just that much easier.

Kitchen by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC. Timothy Bell photography.

Back to our perfect day:  You arrive home to a comfortable, inviting house (automatically reset to the “at home” temperature) and the aromas of a home-cooked meal greet you … dinner is almost cooked. The kitchen Smart TV/video monitor turns on automatically to your news channel so that you can catch the latest updates, tomorrow’s weather AND check up on the kids to make sure they are doing their homework.

After dinner it’s time to relax – with a push of a button the lights dim to entertainment mode, the shades close, and the TV/sound system turns on.

Design by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC.  Timothy Bell photography.

After a favorite show, it’s time for bed and the house is “turning in for the night” as well.  The heat and cooling systems automatically set to sleep mode, lights turn off or are dimmed, and exterior doors lock. It’s been a great day…


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