The Color Marketing Group


We’ve talked about this before in our blogs, but do you know about the Color Marketing Group? Did you even know this group existing? This is a group of professionals who convene every year to discuss and determine the direction of color for the upcoming year as well as for a few years to come. They literally decide what colors will be used on cars, in fashion, and in the world of interiors. Seems logical when you think about it, right? That there would be someone out there actually predicting this stuff instead of it all happening to chance?

So as always, the members of the Color Marketing Group convene and gather to discuss what “innovations are about to change the world, what adaptations are to be needed, and which hues best express how colors evolve with the times.” And they have forecasted the Key World Colors.  The CMG forecasts colors for North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

North America’s Key Color: Thrive

Latin America’s Key Color: Brilho Interior

Asia’s Key Color: Edo Eau

Europe’s Key Color: Life Spurt

We will keep you updated on the Color Marketing Group each year as they make these key decisions.

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Team


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