Get Ready for Summer – Beach House Time!

With warm weather on the horizon maybe it is time to start thinking about summer! If you own a beach house, how does it look inside? Does it need updates? A full makeover?

We’ve been working on the interior design for a beach house recently and having so much fun with it.  There’s something about beach house design that immediately can put you in a relaxed, holiday mood no matter the day of the week.  Many times our readers and friends want to know more about what we are designing, so we’ve spelled it out here!

I’ve always been captivated by beach houses. They are one of my favorite things to design. There’s something about the breezy style, the sea salt air, and the warmth. It always comes back to the breezy warmth.

What I love about this particular beach house is the views, and the fact that there is a lanai room to the right, just off through the French doors (lanai not pictured), which adds another large room to the space on pretty days.  And in the case of this particular home, the home is designed in a large “L” shape so it takes advantage of every view. Creating balance and harmony in every area of the home is key. Everywhere you look is a well-balance layer of timeless beauty.

Just a few details to discuss:  While you can’t really see it in this first image of the beach house, the table selected (featured above) is this super fun one which gives a nod to antiques and tradition while feeling casual and comfortable like the beach house demands.  And then the table is paired with natural woven chairs from Kravet, which completes the look. I had to add that natural feeling to the dining space in this particular room to balance out the table.

I first saw these counter stools (above) at a restaurant in Las Vegas and I knew, immediately, that I was going to be using them whenever I could. How great is the style of these stools? And you can use them in all sorts of applications… it doesn’t have to only be in a beach house or cabana.

Here is another image of the main gathering room off the kitchen area and near the Lanai.  We have a mood board selection below which sets the tone for the space. My focus was clearly on blues and sand tones for this home. Why? Besides the pure beauty of the tones, it is because they work so well when glancing out the windows. My focus is always to bring the outdoors in and it is easy in a home like this.

See the Mood Board above: We mostly focused on fabrics from Kravet to set the tone in this house. Using Crypton fabrics is always a good idea, especially somewhere that will see a lot of traffic with children and dogs (and sand, and sand!). What I love about the fabrics above are all the textures… see the blue wave pattern in the top left corner? Hmm… what does this remind you of?

This blue fabric is on the club chairs. And how about the textured sand and white fabric for the pillows? And a little ikat fabric for pillows never hurts either.

One of my favorite parts about this home is the cocktail table by Kravet, featured above and below. It is this incredible acrylic piece with space underneath for potentially four ottomans which can be scooted in or out depending on your needs. I love this part! And when they are tucked under, they provide this amazing color seen through the tabletop. How cool is that?  The piece is actually better in person than in photos, but that’s why I tried to provide you with clear shots of it where we’ve used it at other clients’ homes in the past.

My favorite thing to do with this cocktail table is to only specify two ottomans underneath, and place them on the diagonal for a really dynamic style. Of course if a client needs four ottomans then we could do that as well.

Now speaking of lanai’s out the side doors. you may be thinking, “what is a lanai?”  And that is a perfectly appropriate question if you did not grow up in Hawaii or Florida!

  Images above from Pinterest. Bottom image is from HomeAway website.

The word “Lanai” means Verandah in Hawaiian but is also a commonly used term in America for a screen enclosure over a swimming pool. In super warm climates such as Hawaii, Florida and South Carolina, you will see many new homes feature lanai’s as it is a brilliant way to essentially have an additional space that is a continuation of the indoors. It’s like a glorified screened porch. Stay tuned because we will be featuring a Part II to our Beach House story which will include the design of the lanai. You will feel how amazing it is to have another room off your family room.

Back to our Beach House… one more image. It is always important that with all the new you bring in, that you include something special that is old, whether it has personal meaning (like your grandmother’s side table) or something that you found at an estate sale that speaks to you. In the case of this home, take a glance at the antique French mirrors featured on either side of the doorway on the left. Do you see how this layering adds warmth and a feeling that makes this home feel grounded? This is an important aspect to always consider.

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Team

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