Wine Display Cases

Did you know that Wine Display Cases are the new rage to have not just in your wine room downstairs, but displayed prominently in large kitchens, dining rooms and even family rooms? 


Recently we’ve been designing several of these wine display cases for clients, and just wanted to show you the possibilities.   If you are a wine enthusiast and want o show off your vintage wines, or if you love wine displays but do not have a basement or room to convert into a wine cellar there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate wine display cases into your home.

Photo by VintageView

Empty stretches of walls, unused closets and pantries can also become striking and unique places to store your wine.  You will be surprised at how many bottles can fit into these seemingly small places, while they add an elegant element to your home.  Need a focal point on that empty wall?  Consider wine cabinets.

Photo by Wine Cellar Innovations, LLC


Glass enclosed wine rack by Benjamin Johnston Design, LLC


Kitchen wine storage – Wine Cellar Innovations, LLC


Whether you just have a few bottles or a vast collection, these “label-forward” wall mounted wine racks are the perfect solution.

Wall rack – Vintageview photo by Harold Lambertus


Horizontal wine rack VinageView

Or – combined with a more traditional cork-out storage method, this display case also contains a countertop/shelf area for uncorking and pouring.


Wine rack with counter by VintageView

Turn the unused space under your stairs into a beautiful place to store your wine collection.

Understairs illuminated wine rack – Wine Cellar Innovations, LLC

Understairs glass enclosed wine rack – Wine Cellar Innovations, LLC

Wine racks can also be used to divide a room or form a screen.

Photo by House Beautiful

Photo from Wolf Gang Puck “The Source” Wine Bar

Locker wine rack by VintageView


No matter where or how large, wine display cases can be a beautiful addition to your home!

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Team


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