Unique Humidifiers

With the onset of colder weather and the heated dryer air of our indoor environments, we all need a little extra humidity now and then.  Why not add a little style to that device that supplies that added moisture?  This fun selection not only supplies humidity, but also color, light, steam and aroma therapy.

Resembling a tea pot or an alien spaceship depending on your point of view, this humidifier offers germ-free hot steam technology while providing a conversation piece for your room.

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Need more colors in your life? Then these humidifiers might fit the bill…

This gem boasts a 200ml Water tank/Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, and an LED Night Light with 7 different Colors.

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This 3D LED Ball not only humidifies but is also an essential old diffuser while displaying holographic LED affects!

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Small and portable, you can take these colorful humidifiers anywhere. They can be plugged into your computer via USB cable or into their wall outlet converters.

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Don’t want to use electricity? Then these natural stone and wood humidifiers will do the trick…

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And who could resist this cute guy?

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Stay Inspired this winter season,

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Team

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