Thinking of Getting into the Airbnb Business? Hire a Designer

Many of our clients are investors in real estate and Airbnb properties.  Are you thinking about doing this too? Make sure interior design is a part of your budget up front.  If you are going to invest in Airbnb properties then do it right.

My friends recently stayed in a fabulous Airbnb in Charleston that was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was on the top floor of a restaurant. And you know why it was the best? The interior design.   Now yes, as an interior designer this might be more important to someone like me than to others, except in the world of Airbnb’s, having great design is a no-brainer.  Here is why.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

If you are shopping for an Airbnb and know nothing about a town or area, what will you be looking at?  The professional pictures of the Airbnb online, of course! If you are the guest, you want the spaces to be clean, airy and stylish.  You want the images to feel good and feel right.  So investing just a little bit in the design of your suite, and going that extra mile is completely worth it in the payout down the road.  Think of it like a real estate agent who comes in to help you prepare to sell your home. They will stage it, they will professionally photograph it. Because it is proven that this will raise the resale value more than any other single thing you can do for a reasonably low cost.

Airbnb in the heart of New Orleans on Bourbon Street.


If you are short on cash to start your Airbnb, consider working out a master plan which includes phases with your interior designer. They can come up with something that you can do as you begin to see a nice cash flow on your investment.  And remember that most of it should be tax deductible, which is another win-win.

Margery Wedderburn Interiors (MWI) is now in the Airbnb business as our residential clients are requesting it for their investment Airbnb’s in other areas of the country. We can assist them (and you!) with creating incredible spaces that photograph well and are perfect for the area of the country in which they reside.   We just sort of fell into this new business venue but it is seriously fun.   Here are some of our favorite Airbnb’s that really capture our imagination and make us want to go there pronto.  Vacation anyone?

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Team

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