Celebration, Florida

Adjacent to the Walt Disney World Resort in the heart of central Florida sits the “Celebration” community, a planned city built by the Walt Disney Company in the early 1990’s. What started out as a planned community for the higher level workers of the Walt Disney Company has turned into a world class neighborhood, consisting of houses both modest and grand in scale.

During the original planning for the Walt Disney World Resort, Walt Disney’s ideas and visions centered around his “EPCOT,” the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. Disney’s idea for EPCOT was to be quite similar to what Celebration exists as today, a planned community. However, in Disney’s city every citizen would have an assigned job they would perform for the betterment of the community and would live in identical housing set forth by the city planner. Walt never saw his Utopian vision realized, when he died in 1966.

The idea for EPCOT was spun 180 degrees and is now a world class theme park designed to excite and educate visitors on the world around them. However, some say the original idea for EPCOT lives more fully in the concept of Celebration. While it’s not a requirement for residents to work for the Disney Company, it would be difficult to find someone in Celebration who is not a Disney fan.

Taking up 4,900 acres, and with a mere approximated 7,427 people (2010 census), Celebration, much like Walt Disney World, has room to grow.

Since people started moving to Celebration more then twenty years ago, the town has attracted attention, and has become the dream living space for avid Walt Disney World fans worldwide.

The bold idea for Celebration and it’s apparent success can be summarized by a single quote spoken by Walt Disney himself, “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

For those of us who love Disney and can’t get enough, this is the perfect place to live – or retire!

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