GUEST POST: Use LED Lights to Improve Your Home Décor

Today we are excited to have a Guest Blogger Gilbert Cabrales with us, who is a Partner at Contractor Source LED,,  one of the leading LED light sourcing companies for contractors in the United States.  We are excited to have him on board to tell everyone more about LED lighting and how far it’s come and the great savings you can find achieve with it for your own home.


Use LED Lights to Improve Your Home Decor

LED lights are no longer used primarily to brighten up a room. Nowadays, designers and homeowners are having fun with the versatility and creativeness LED light offers. From color options, brightness to the overall light fixtures, the possibilities are almost endless as to what you can do with LED lights.

But there is more than the design of the lights that improve your home. LED lights are efficient in how they use energy to produce light. The result is the savings you’ll see on your next power bill.

If you are thinking of making the switch to LED lights or considering it for the first time, here are ways that these lights will improve not just the décor, but your house overall.

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Efficiently Saving You Money
LED lights (Light Emitting Diode) are made to produce the same amount of light as incandescent without using as much power. You won’t need as many bulbs to brighten the same room, and you will not having to change them as often. So you save money through your power bills and by not buying bulbs as often.

Since 2007 when the United States energy guidelines put in place for light bulbs to be more efficient, LED lights have been growing in popularity. Each LED bulb used saves the consumer money while requiring less power. And for our country, that means removing the need for additional power plants that produce greenhouse gases.

The original design of an LED bulb is meant to produce the light directionally, compared to an incandescent bulb that produces light in every direction. Instead of having a bulb shining wasted light in areas not needed (i.e. towards the ceiling) LED bulbs produced light towards areas you actually need to be illuminated.

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Versatility of Design
Another way LED lights improve your house is through their versatility. Now that the technology of LED lights keeps moving forward, producers manage to develop ways to disperse the light in multiple directions compared to before. Through reflectors and diffuser lenses, this opens up the door for using LED lights in almost any way you can think of.

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Recessed Lighting
A favorite way of utilizing LED lights is through recessed lighting. This type of lighting brightens up the space while adding a modern touch to the room. The light fixture is hidden away and flush against the wall or ceiling. All you see is the light and a maybe a stylish edging.

Another way of using recessed lighting is by tucking the bulb behind an object or underneath something. An example would be strip lights behind a mirror in the bathroom. It adds a halo-like glow around the mirror to brighten up the space. Alternatively, you can do the same idea under kitchen cabinets for a modern look.

Recessed lighting is a way to liven up the atmosphere of a room without it being too overpowering. But because these bulbs can be difficult to change due to the fixture being hidden, LED recessed lights are the best option. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of having to replace them frequently.

Color Options
LED lights offer the ability to change up the colors in your home without having to paint. On top of that, you can get bulbs that change color themselves without changing out the bulb. You can adjust the light yourself to produce a different color each time.

Instead of using a standard warm white glow for those recessed lights underneath the kitchen cabinet, you can instead use a different color for a modern look. You could also use strip lighting along the staircases to brighten up the stairs with a rainbow-like hue. The options are almost endless.

So by switching over to LED lights, not only do you have the ability to make significant improvements to your home décor, but you also improve the efficiency of your home. You get to have fun being creative with the lights while keeping money in your bank account.

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Gilbert Cabrales
Partner at Contractor Source LED


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