Fashions of the Royal Wedding

After seven years, the world was once again blessed with a Royal Wedding. While many were following the family drama, we were watching the dresses and the hats! With the world of interior design always following closely on the heels of the biggest names in fashion, our eyes were drawn to the rainbow of pastels and abundance of floral frocks, not to mention the whimsical display of unparalleled elegance found in the headpieces.

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Amal Clooney embodied sunshine itself! This golden yellow emits layers of joy making it the perfect color to instantly brighten any room in need of a touch of spring sunshine.

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Carrie Mulligan (top) and Sofia Wellesley (bottom) both elected for a delicate floral embroidery in vibrant colors to contrast the neutral background. Floral elements have widely captivated designers to express the very essence of the changing seasons from the dreary winter to the much welcomed full bloom of spring time.

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Blush made a bold statement this year. The soft lace trim provides the perfect transition from tier to tier in a classically elegant Stella McCartney dress selected by Oprah Winfrey. Serena Williams followed suit in a gathered waist dress from Versace. Her simple dress was instantly elevated by an angled neckline and stunning fascinator that adds artfully constructed height to the look.

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Lady Kitty Spencer, Prince Diana’s niece, brought spring to life. Her forest green Dolce and Gabbana dress popped with vibrant floral accents in butter yellows and fiery orange hues. The fine details of her color-coordinated fascinator nicely balance the strong pattern and square neckline of the dress.

image from Instagram @sheniqimages

photo credit Instagram @mariyazakir

While some donned floral dresses, others elected to incorporate the spring season’s symbol through accessories. Charlotte Riley (top), in a bespoke Phillip Treacy headpiece, opts for a classic black with bold accent colors in the form of flowers.

Keep your eyes peeled as many of these top fashion trends will soon be emulated throughout the interior design world in a year’s time. We will definitely follow fashion’s next great strides so be sure to look for these elements to in both big and small ways. Whether it is bold statement walls of pastel pinks and sage greens, or pops of rich floral patterns found sprinkled about the home in accent pillows and window treatments, these looks will be sure to find their way into next years top trending home designs. Until then, we can continue to admire the elegance from afar.

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