The Art of Burning Man: Must See Exhibition

No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man,
Currently at the Renwick Gallery on Pennsylvania Avenue

The Renwick Gallery is notorious for hosting some of the most ambitious works in contemporary American art, but nothing has ever come close to its current inhabitants. “The Art of Burning Man” has got people taking time off of work to witness how interactive art can stimulate the senses and inspire its viewers. Being a Smithsonian Museum, visitors are welcomed into the immersive exhibition toll free, making for a novel pre-dinner date. Each exhibit retains its own room, allowing visitors to be fully absorbed by the themes of the art and the unique feelings of each work. While each piece may seem to have been designed for the space it currently resides in, this artwork was originally displayed in Nevada’s desert annual “Burning Man” festival.

Marco Cochrane, Truth is Beauty, 2017. Photo by Ron Blunt

Duane Flatmo, Tin Pan Dragon. Photo by Libby Weiler

Leo Villareal, Volume. Photo by Ron Blunt

David Best, Temple, 2018. Photo by Ron Blunt

Gallery view of Hybycozo (Yelena Filipchunk and Serge Beaulieu). Photo by Ron Blunt

FoldHaus Art Collective, Shrumen Lumen. Photo by Ron Blunt

Christopher Schardt, Nova. Photo by Ron Blunt

Taking an almost surreal approach to art and design, “The Art of Burning Man” is a must see exhibition. The Renwick Gallery will be its home through early January, 2019.

-Margery Wedderburn Interiors*

Watching this video is incredibly exciting and offers a glimpse of the exhibit.  Be sure to watch, and then add this to your Summer To Do List.  This is something to not be missed.

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