MWI Home Styling

Did you know that Margery Wedderburn Interiors can style your home this spring?

Though this particular Spring may be a seller’s market, we still want to get top dollar for our homes when it’s time to place it on the market. Staging a home can help but is impractical if you are still residing in your house when you list it for sale and can also be cost prohibitive. Margery Wedderburn Interiors is here to help.

We offer Home Styling services that will help make your home aesthetically appealing and highlight the architectural and design elements in each of your spaces. We carefully edit your furnishings and accessories to find a balance between livable and too personal and, when necessary, rearrange furniture to provide the ideal “flow”, allowing potential buyers to visualize how they will live in the spaces. We also suggest affordable updates and improvements that add value well beyond the investment to accomplish them.   

Consulting with Margery Wedderburn Interiors gives you a competitive advantage. With more than thirty years in the design industry, we know tricks for achieving “the look for less”. We have our finger on the pulse of what home buyers are looking for. Working with our design team eliminates guess work and offers you a clear path to making the most of your investment.

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