A Mid-Winter Break in Palm Springs, CA

Our former Senior Designer, Melanie, was lucky enough to take a little vacation in Palm Springs during Modernism Week before moving on to a new job.  Here she has a few highlights to share. While snow in the DC area caused flight delays which resulted in a missed visit to Sunnylands, she was able to attend a tour of colorful doors. Here are a few of her favorites!

This sunny citron color is just delightful.

This custom hardware + carved doors + hot pink lacquer definitely made a big impression!

And though the cheerful colors of the Saguaro Hotel isn’t technically on their doors, we were too crazy for them to not share this image.

Do these doors look familiar? Check out the tangerine doors a few photos up! Apparently they were a go-to for a home builder in the late 1960s and 70s. The carved-circle detail and central knob are so striking, we could look at them all day!

Other highlights from the trip included meeting this sweet pair of Saluki pups…

Seeing these tourist busses buzzing about town…

Sipping cold-brew coffee in the garden while taking in the stunning views…

And touring the new Rowan Hotel. These lobby sofas had kind of a topographical map quality about them. They were also incredibly comfortable!

The lobby bar area was a well-edited space, boasting minimal seating and carefully curated décor on the shelves.

And of course, pretty views of palm trees and mountains. If you’ve never visited sunny Palm Springs, CA, we think you should put it on your list!

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Team

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