Setting a Table with Citrus

What could be fresher than a table adorned with citrus? You can practically smell its heavenly aroma just glancing at the image above. Maybe we’re still dreaming of jetting off to warmer climates, where these earthly delights drip from the trees. Or maybe it’s their sunny hues that have us planning our next festive fete. Regardless, we’re loving lemons (and tangerines, and kumquats, and grapefruits) and wanted to share with you!

The crisp simplicity of this evening table is pure delight. We’d love to set this table, sit down with some dear friends and serve an almond and lemon crusted halibut with key lime pie for dessert!

This airy table would make a beautiful brunch backdrop. The simple placecards, set atop halved oranges, are a sweet touch to an otherwise simple setting. And look at the darling, orange-printed napkins!

Kumquat trees ranging from 1′ to 2′ can be ordered online for less than $30 each! And how lovely are they, potted with lavender and accented with tulips. The mix of natural elements is sure to delight all of your guests.

For a more formal affair, mix citrus into floral arrangements and punch up your palette with textiles and stationary in complimentary tones. Want to make an even bigger statement? Use a turquoise accent (like the chiavari chairs above). Teals, turquoises, and blues are a direct compliment to orangey hues. The impact is undeniable! Color us inspired!

Stay Inspired,

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Design Team

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