Chalet Chic

As we forge through a deep freeze on the East Coast, we’re finding ourselves inspired by interiors which embrace the beauty of winter.

However, you don’t need snow falling outside to bring a little ski chalet chic to your interior. Here’s our roundup of essential elements that will help add après-ski style to your home.

1. Natural materials and neutral colors

Most chalets feature natural materials like exposed wood and stone. Large windows which take advantage of territorial views are also prevalent.

Highlight these elements with a neutral palette of winter whites, ivories, and creams. Pepper in taupey-browns and greys, varying the shades to add depth and interest. Case goods and accent furnishings made from raw-edge wood or stone, or wood furniture with natural finishes will elevate the aesthetic with rugged sophistication.

2. Texture

Natural textiles, like leather and wool, are ideal for upholstered pieces in a chalet. Hides and skins, chunky wools, and felts are the perfect accents and will help add the coziness we all envision in a luxury chalet. Sisal, natural fiber and hide rugs are perfect compliments to wood and stone flooring.

3. Traditional vs. modern

Classic patterns like Fairisle, blanket stripes, and tartan plaids give a traditional nod to the ski lodge aesthetic. But we are loving the more modern interpretations which are more about textures and finishes.

4. Accessories

Antlers and deer themed accessories are popular. We aren’t opposed to adding these to enhance the Chalet Chic aesthetic, but do recommend they are used judiciously. You don’t want your space to become theme-y. Think of such pieces as curated art.

Natural antlers are pretty placed loosely on sideboards or side sables, gilt-antlers or antler-shaped candlesticks or serving pieces look especially pretty in kitchens and dining space.

Antler mirrors and chandeliers can be quite stunning too. Simply balance them with more modern and minimal pieces to avoid having your home look like the set of “Little House on the Prairie”.

Mounted stag’s heads make a strong statement but can be very effective if the rest of your environment is well edited. If you can’t source a real one, there are plenty of contemporary options made from other materials, like metal, paper or card.



5. Lighting

Soft, warm lighting is critical in creating a cozy ambience. Layer your lighting with dimmable overhead fixtures (or recessed lights), table lamps and floor lamps. Of course, the glow of a fireplace is quintessentially lodge-y, but if you don’t have a fireplace don’t worry. Use candles to illuminate several varying-sized lanterns to create the ideal Alpine atmosphere.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a furnished outdoor space, don’t hesitate to add a few cozy touches like a fur throw so you can still enjoy the fresh air in cooler temps.

Suddenly this winter weather doesn’t feel as unbearable! We hope you’re staying warm (and inspired) too!

Stay warm!

The Margery Wedderburn Interiors Team


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