Announcing: “MWI One Hundred Complete”

For many clients, the most frustrating part of the design process is the length of time between contract signing and install completion. MWI’s “One Hundred Complete” program is the perfect solution; offering a fast turnaround for time sensitive projects. This program offers the option to transform your home in 100 days or less; thus, the term “One Hundred Complete”.

We start by developing a concept and presenting it to you for approval. We work through all details as a team – the client and designers, together. And then once approved, we complete the design, ordering process and install schedule ensuring your project stays on-track and installs by the deadline. Margery is your personal consultant every step of the way. We can work on two rooms, three rooms, or the entire house. Whatever your needs, we can meet them.

Please contact our office for more details.


Phone:  703.757.5001

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