Winter Wreaths, Planters & Window Boxes

Forged from nature, your backyard garden.


Create your wreath using three or four natural materials from a nature walk or your own garden. Begin with a wire wreath frame or natural grapevine or spruce wreath as the base. A holiday tree vendor can supply enough Pine or Spruce branches that have been cut from the base of holiday trees. Collect other beautiful foraged materials of Magnolia leaf clusters, Juniper with berries, Rosemary stems and Nandina or Holly branches with their berries.

Create 8” long bundles of combined materials and bind together with 24-guage green wire. Work clockwise around the wreath securing each bundle. Each following bundle will cover the stems of the previous bundle. Consider adding grasses, feathers, dried fruit or trinkets for a personal touch.


The remaining foraged branches cut in multiple lengths can be randomly combined to arrange your planters and window boxes that have been filled with soil. For planters, start from the center with the tallest branches and work out to the planter edges combining shorter branches and stems. For window boxes, start with the tallest branches in the back and work forward inserting smaller branches. Cascade the front of the boxes with more pliable stems.

The planters and window boxes will fill in quickly with not much effort using the beauty of nature for the Holidays and following winter months.



Happy Holidays!

Margery Wedderburn

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