Amazing Apple Stores Across the Globe Part II

Amazing Apple Stores

One day my iPhone died.  And begrudgingly I had to go to the local Apple store to get it fixed.  When they took away my iPhone to fix it in the back room, I suddenly realized with a start that I was hooked on my iPhone.  All those days of snubbing my nose at others planted in their chairs or walking along with the iPhone right up in their faces… “Oh they are SO hooked on their iPhones” … but there I was, with Nothing.To.Do.  I had to wait around this store and stare into space.  Or play with all the fun games on screens.  Like everyone else hooked on their iPhones.

Instead, I started studying the design of the space.  Really studying it.  As a designer, we tend to do this all the time without even consciously realizing we are doing it.  We mentally make changes and notes in our heads about the spaces we enter, every time we enter a new one.

But this time I just sat this on this little poof at a kids’ table and consciously studied the space.  Apple is brilliant at so much, and one more thing — hiring spectacularly talented architects and design teams around the globe — is something we can add to their long list of talents.  These stores are clean and organized.  There is space and air everywhere.  Even the wires are cleverly hidden.  One feels peaceful and organized, and … In Control.  You feel in control of your life, work, destiny.  It’s subconscious, but it’s there.  So everyone who buys something in these stores will leave feeling this same way, and not ever even know why.  Yes, it’s their new fun purchase making them happy, but it’s also this sense of control they get from being in these beautiful spaces.

This image above is from a store we went to in Sydney, Australia.  See how there is only one electrical cord from the floor attaching to this table?  This is how all of the product pieces are working on top!  Very clever and cool in design.

So with the clever Apple design theories in mind, here are a couple more images of more Apple stores from around the globe.

The exquisite architecture and exteriors of Apple stores seem to attract many customers to simply enter the stores and the aesthetics of the interior design keep them in there browsing for what seems like hours. Each store is unique and different in its own way; however many of them gravitate toward a modern, futuristic look. This glass, spiral staircase is located in New York City’s 14th Street.

Here’s another store that chose to install the glass, spiral staircase, as you can see it is the centerpiece of the whole store. This store is located in Shanghai, China.

This store located in Grand Central Station, New York has more of a classic look, however it still gives off that clean and sophisticated feel that all Apple stores have.



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