‘Yves Saint Laurent’: “The Perfection of Style” Exhibit

The Must-See Exhibit in Richmond…

Yves Saint Laurent, you may recognize this name from the flashy, gold packaging of its makeup products while wandering around your local Sephora, or from the trendy Monogrammed purse featured on your Instagram feed. Besides beauty products and accessories, the designer is well known for his haute couture and ready-to-wear garments. There is a new Must-See exhibit that you need to put on your list of Things To Do This Summer.  The fashion giant and his fashions are featured in The Perfection of Style exhibit in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located in Richmond, Va. The exhibit opened in early May this year and will be accessible until August 27th. VMFA is the only East Coast venue for the exhibition, with tickets costing from $10-$22. The exhibit shines light on Saint Laurent’s artistic brilliance, as well as his operative process, and the sources of his design inspiration.

Saint Laurent is one of history’s most radical and leading fashion designers, and the exhibit showcases his greatest achievements, including dresses from his “Trapeze” collection.  This marked his debut as a fashion designer. He’s also known for his groundbreaking designs of the 1960’s in which he adopted men’s fashion ideas to create feminine tuxes, pantsuits, and safari jackets.

The exhibit reveals the behind-the-scenes and private life of the designer, displaying his production steps to fame. In short summary, Saint Laurent was teased and bullied as a child from his classmates as he appeared to be homosexual. This resulted in him finding solace in the world of fashion. As a teen, he enjoyed creating intricate paper dolls and soon began designing dresses for his mother and sisters. And in 1953, he produced his “Paper Doll Couture House.” From then on,  Saint Laurent continued to thrive in the fashion world as he worked with Christian Dior, Pierre Berge, and various models and actresses.

With the rise of pop culture, and the desire for fresh, original fashion at the time, Saint Laurent’s designs took off and sat atop the fashion world. His trademark designs included the sheer blouse and jumpsuit. He became a true icon.

In 2002, the designer participated in his last show and retired for good. In 2008, Yves Saint Laurent passed away with brain cancer in his Paris residence. However, his legacy and impact on the world of fashion lives on. Clearly… he has a whole exhibit about him and his entire career! So, go online to https://vmfa.museum/ to purchase your tickets and experience this once in a lifetime event! “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” –Yves Saint Laurent

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