Spicing Up Decor with Glass Art!

Are you looking for something more exciting and lively than the standard picture frame to hang on the walls of your house? Then try spicing things up with glass art! The wall décor can bring color, fun and a modern twist to your home.

The eye-catching glass pieces bring a new level of color and enthusiasm to the colorful room. The yellow, blue, and orange hues of the glass contrast well with the colors of the pillows and furniture below.

On the other hand, here we have a simple serene and casual room with all neutral furniture. Imagine if the art was replaced with the usual picture frame or standard painting, boring! The colors of the glass pop against the white background. The intricate glass dishes bring a bright and refreshing ambience to the grey room.

Tip: if you hang shiny, glittery glass pieces to a wall you may want to add some spot or directional lighting to help make the entire room sparkle!

Adding glass pieces can bring a new light of sophistication to the room as well.

You can also spice up tables, countertops, and desks with vibrant glass vases and mini sculptures as well.

Another fun way to add some pizzazz to a room would be to switch out that basic light fixture with a glass chandelier! This orange sun-like chandelier is spunky and different.

Furthermore, you can install glass lighting to add an elegant, minimalistic look to a space.  We just spec’d a similar fixture in a client’s home and it looks stunning.  We will share that home in the weeks to come.

Check out https://www.vizartglass.com/ to find a wide range of different glass pieces to choose from. They have everything from the most simple to the most out of this world designs! If you need help spicing up your home, contact our office. We would be delighted to help!

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