Amazing Apple Stores Across the Globe, Part I

Apple Stores.

Many of us walk into them interested in purchasing the latest iPhone, or to play games on the devices, or simply to wander around and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing store. Believe it or not, Apple stores bring in more revenue per square foot than any other retailer in the U.S.  A significant part of what makes the stores so successful is actually the remarkable design details put into each one. This store (shown above) recently opened to the public in Istanbul; it is designed to resemble a MacBook from a birds eye view.

Apple opened this store in a building which was originally a bank in Paris. Apple honored the original design by keeping the bank’s original tile floors and marble columns.

This Apple store is located in New York City, on Fifth Avenue. Apple installed a gorgeous glass staircase that leads to the store below.

Apple recently collaborated with Foster + Partners to renovate this store located in London, England. (above)

Apple teamed up again with Foster + Partners to install this stunning “green” staircase in a store located in Singapore.

This beautiful architectural designed store is located in Dubai’s largest mall.

So the words that come to mind when studying these architectural works of art around the globe include Stunning. Clean. Organized. No Clutter.  Ever Forward.  They represent everything we think about Apple.  Stay tuned for Part II of our study of the Apple stores worldwide.  There is nothing like them.

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