Living with Pets, Part One

Anyone who has a pet knows how much joy they bring to life. They keep us active, provide emotional support and, of course, they are great little snugglers. But as designers, we sometimes find ourselves torn between the aesthetics of our home and the comfort of our pets.

Let’s start with beds. While our little “fur babies” are most content sleeping in our finest linens (as Hugo demonstrates above), providing them with their own sleeping space not only gives us a better nights’ rest, it also preserves cleanliness and reduces wear and tear on our bedding. The only trouble is, pet beds are often… let’s face it… ugly. Thankfully the demand for attractive options has grown and there are more attractive options on the market. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Engineer Stripe Snuggler Bed from Waggo

The Howlpot Howly

The Geometric Square Bed from Fillydog

The Casper bed
(though lower on style points, this option is designed to give your pup a super comfortable place to rest his/her head)


For the midcentury modern fans out there, the Wexler and Pixi beds from Cairudesin.

And how cute are these teepees from Minicamplt?!

Though it may seem like all your pet does is sleep, mealtimes are generally some of the best parts of their days! Why not make those meals a little more special with cute dishes and storage containers?

The options below are from Waggo, Muttropolis, and Ballard Designs.

Sketched Wave Ceramic Dog Bowl (Waggo)

Specktacular Polka Dot Dog Bowl (Waggo)

Finley Raised Dog Bowls (Muttropolis)

Woodsman Double Diner Raised Dog Feeder (Muttropolis)

Splash Ceramic Treat Jar and Bowl (Waggo)

Pet Food Canisters (Ballard Designs)

That covers the basics, but there are many additional items that come with having pets in the house. Honestly, who wants a squeaky rubber chicken in their living room? We’ve also wrangled up a few up-scale toy options we think you’ll love. Along with several others, they’re available on Waggo and Haute Diggity Dog

Nautical Toy Set (Waggo)

Buoy Tug Toys (Waggo)

Starbarks Frenchie Roast Plush Toy (Haute Diggity Dog)

Dog Perignonn Plush Toy (Haute Diggity Dog)

Miss Dogior “Perfume” Plush Toy (Haute Diggity Dog)

But even the cutest of toys should have a home. We recommend keeping them in an attractive basket or bin. Here are some super cute options from West Elm and Pottery Barn.

Adding a little luxury to your pet’s life adds a lot of visual satisfaction to your own. So, go ahead and spoil your best friend a little. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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