Our New Office

We wanted to keep you updated on all the exciting news with our new office, which is located in Great Falls, Virginia at 10134 Colvin Run Road, in Suite F.  We have been working hard the last few months on it and it’s coming along so nicely!  We are about to unveil the final look, but meantime, we will first show you images of:



This was the Before. A former yoga studio. Mirrors everywhere and Strong blue walls. Not my cup of tea, but a great space for a studio office.


Old vanities, old fixtures. Check out the water fountain on the wall. We certainly don’t need that in our new studio!




The Break Room is completed with cabinets and granite installed. The Powder Room boasts a new vanity, toilet, mirror, lighting and paint. So basically a complete re-do in there!

The main office area also sports new paint which is very light in tones so that it will not compete with any colors and details of all of our client projects.  We’ve ordered the desks, seating area upholstered furniture and other items.


Then the mirrors were removed and the glue marks were like pock marks all over the walls. So we had to add new drywall. No salvaging this.



You can see from this picture that our new paint is there and our Sunburst mirror (always my favorite detail) is up!  We got our newly upholstered desk chairs back too, and they are THE.MOST.COMFORTABLE.CHAIRS.EVER.  Seriously, three guys working in the our upholstery shop asked where we got them. They all want this desk chair! We’ll let you sit in one when you come to visit our office…stay tuned.

Not surprisingly, since we are an interior design firm and required all custom pieces, our furniture is taking time to be created and will arrive in January. Until then we will have make shift desks, just in case you want to pop in. We would love to see you!

Stay Inspired.

Margery Wedderburn



  • Patti Klein

    April 14, 2017 at 11:29 am Reply

    Beautiful, Margery! Love your color palette, and fabrics. As usual, fantastic! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Margery Wedderburn

      August 22, 2017 at 12:25 pm Reply

      Thank you Patti!

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