Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Whatever your tastes or style of home, create inviting Thanksgiving tablescapes that will impress your guests and add to the delight of the holiday with simple style.



Go outside and to gather some natural home-grown supplies, including some gourds, tree branches and pine-cones. It can be fun to mix and match these natural materials with beautiful dishware and candles. Check out these gorgeous Thanksgiving tables for a bit of holiday inspiration.

Country-Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescape Elements

Thanksgiving Tablescape - Modern Country


These cute little craft store chalkboards can make for a quaint dining table or buffet table messages about thankfulness and gratitude. Write out a note in chalk with just a word or two about what Thanksgiving means… whether you simply write “Gratitude” on a board or “Give Thanks.” Even a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” mini chalkboard on or near your table welcomes guests and adds a cheerful tone. Want an updated twist on country-traditional? Gather inspiration from the image above and place centerpieces in more modern vases, or add touches of gold.


Simple bouquets of seasonal flowers in antique vases, with small gourds or mini pumpkins placed near them, accentuate the holiday mood.

Orange Tabletop Setting - Thanksgiving


If you love color, don’t be afraid to pick a strong Autumn shade like orange or crimson. Have a clear color palette from start to finish to avoid having your Thanksgiving tabletop appear too busy. Dried, pressed leaves placed around your centerpiece in the same color family can create a cohesive, festive look.

City Chic Thanksgiving Tablescape Elements

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape


Black and white is trending for Christmas decor so why not choose this elegant color scheme for Thanksgiving too? The very nature of being limited to black and white makes this Thanksgiving tabletop easy to pull off, but the key is remembering to still add seasonal ambiance such as white pine-cones or gourds along with white candles and flowers. Black linens or dishes can be stunningly dramatic against the white items. For a touch of elegance, add just a few, subtle metallic pieces.

Plum Thanksgiving Tablescape


Color schemes for a city chic appeal on a Thanksgiving table should be sophisticated as well as be indicative of the season. An easy way to accomplish this is to use modern décor in rich Autumn tones. A main color used for ¾ of the decor and another accent color used for the remaining ¼ of the Thanksgiving table elements can be a good rule of thumb. Round out the color with a mix of tasteful neutrals such as white, beige and black or grey, cream and dark brown.  How beautiful is the above infusion of yellows, cream shades and plums? The perfect mix of unique colors.

We’re grateful to all our wonderful clients, friends and supporters. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Inspired.

Margery Wedderburn

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