Fire Roasted Tables – Cool Concept

Check out these amazing fire roasted tables by X-UP Design.  They are literally fire roasted tables (no kidding!) and you can custom make one to fit your needs.  Go to their website at: to see what you want to build.
fire roasted table 2

fire roasted table 4

fire roasted table 6


These tables are created by X-Up but they are shaped by the forces of nature.  As X-Up will tell you on their website, “fire adds a level of depth and character you won’t find in places created by others.  The effect can range from extremely subtle to thoroughly blackened, depending on how the flame is applied and to what extent the wood is sanded afterwards.”

Torching the wood enhances the natural variations in color and texture.  All of these tables are unique.

This is a table that would be perfect in a mid-century style home with that touch of nature that many people crave.

fire roasted table 7








fire roasted table 3

fire roasted table 8

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