DC Design House – Renderings

DC Design House – Renderings

Rendering by Maria Morga, www.MorgaStudio.com. Guestroom Design by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

I have to talk for awhile about Maria Morga, the artist and renderer of the Butler’s Pantry perspective.  She is ultra talented.  Take a look at this rendering she did for me of a guest bedroom we were designing in McLean, Virginia.  Isn’t her work so beautiful?  One wonders if an actual room can look as pretty as her renderings!

In the world of interior design, many times renderings are used during the presentation process for clients who would like to see what the room will actually look like before moving forward with the ordering process.  If clients do choose this direction, they will then have a beautiful piece of watercolor art to frame and place on a wall in their home, if they so choose.  
from www.MorgaStudio.com

from www.MorgaStudio.com
Morga Studio represents a “go to” workroom for collaboration, color, consultation and illustration.
What this means for the designer is that you can give her all the elements that are going to be in a room, along with the floor plan, furniture, fabrics and details, and she will create the vision that is in the designer’s head.  Most designers are exceptional at visualizing — that is their job.  But to convey that to the client can sometimes be a difficult task, if the clients are not able to visualize very well.
With Maria, it is a complete collaboration with the designer.  We talk with her constantly by phone, email and text to ensure that everything is perfectly communicated so she can do her job.

Here is a concept sketch she did for Jana Abel Interiors, and from this concept sketch Maria can then add the color.  When Maria has done these for me, I print them out and my 6-year-old daughter has a blast coloring them in herself!!

DC Design House 2015 Butler’s Pantry preliminary sketch for Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC by Maria Morga

Guest Bedroom sketch for Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC by Maria Morga, www.MorgaStudio.com

So from her preliminary sketches of the room, you can see that there is still a lot of work to do in terms of the color palette, details, etc.  But we all need to see this first sketch so we are all on the same page.  She comes up with these quite quickly.  Perspective drawings are incredibly tough to do!!

Here are some of her beautiful interiors she has rendered for designers:
DC Design House 2014 rendering for Victoria Sanchez, www.MorgaStudio.com

This rendering above was a lovely room that the designer Victoria Sanchez designed for last year’s DC Design House.  Maria brings such warmth to the renderings.  You just think of words like “lovely”, “Warm” and “Harmonious.”

DC Design House 2015 – Butler’s Pantry by Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

And, of course, she just finished our rendering for the DC Design House 2015 Butler’s Pantry, shown above, which I had to show you again because she did such a great job of it!!

Maria has been commissioned to do the exteriors of buildings as well.  Check out some of her exteriors below:

And then one of my favorites is her rendering of the DC Design House 2014.  This was on the coverpage for the DC Design House website last year:
A friend and I were discussing Maria’s work the other day, and the possibilities are endless for this type of art.  We were thinking that a wonderful gift for a couple getting married woudl be to commission Maria to do either the interior or exterior of the church and then have it framed.  What a beautiful life-long keepsake.  Or how about a rendering of a college building for the student’s graduation?  
Well, for now, we are going to keep Maria working on our renderings for interiors.  
See you at the show house!
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