DC Design House – Butler’s Pantry – Part VIII

DC Design House 2015 
– Butler’s Pantry – Part VIII

With our finalized design in place, we are ready to go.

Rendering sketch by Maria Morga, www.MorgaStudio.com

 The presentation board is complete and we are working with the utterly amazing and talented Maria Morga, who is doing this beautiful rendering of the space.  We send her all measurements, details, colors, fabrics.  Literally everything we can.  And then she begins her work to create a perspective that is fantastic.  Here is her first sketch of the space above.  Did I tell you she was talented??  I will do a detailed blog just about Maria in a few weeks.  I love her butler walking through the space.  He’s fun.

And… After many more emails, communications and phone calls, here is Maria’s final rendering of the space:

Color rendering by Maria Morga, www.MorgaStudios.com

Her work is lovely, isn’t it?  I can’t even believe how talented she is!  We are thrilled with her work.  And this rendering (or really, piece of art) will be shown on the website for the DC Design House and it will also be featured in the program for the house.  I just hope our space can look somewhere near as nice as her perspective.

More to come… And thanks for reading.



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