DC Design House – Butler’s Pantry Part IV

DC Design House
Butler’s Pantry
Part IV

This is our continuing blog and study of the Butler’s Pantry that we are designing for the DC Design House, which will be opening in April in McLean, Virginia.

So we had our first inspirations which included the coffee mug, the wallpaper and our main colors, the green of the wallpaper and turquoise, aqua and peacock.  We were ready to move forward.

Mug from Pier One Imports

The ceiling and the flooring were the next steps, and we wanted something to read linear on the ceiling and then an area rug to tie together some of the details.  Here were some inspiring images for us:

Kelly Wearstler Interiors

RE: the image above.  This is not what we are going to do, but I just had to show you this…This is an incredible interior by Kelly Wearstler – a bar area that she designed.  We are also using the cut malechite style for some of our details on her back wall.  But beyond that, check out the ceiling.  This linear style gives so much energy and definition to the space.  Ceilings should always be taken into account and treated too, as they are another surface.  Don’t just ignore a ceiling with some white paint.  So while we were not going to paint in blue and white lines like above, we were going to use this linear style for our ceiling, but in another way.  But I just had to show you this bar from Kelly Wearstler because it is bold and completely too cool.

These images represent what we are really going to do.  Our incredible faux painting team, Stacey and Derek Tranter from Twin Diamond Studios, are going to faux paint wallpaper that will be applied to the ceiling.  HOW GREAT IS THAT???  We are so excited to have Twin Diamond on our team for this pantry.  I will be blogging about them in a later piece, but they have a new line of wallpaper coming out, and this will be a debut of one of their wallpapers.  Can’t wait to see it installed.

Then we are going to use these items in the space.  And they will be for sale, if you want to come along and buy them.  20% of the proceeds go to the National Children’s Hospital, so you are investing in something for yourself while also supporting Children’s Hospital.

More on the entire process soon.


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