DC Design House – Butler’s Pantry – In the Home Stretch!

DC Design House – Butler’s Pantry
 –  In the Home Stretch!

Okay, we are now in the home stretch for the DC Design House.  All rooms had to be completed this past weekend.  WE ARE READY!!

 We’ve added some really fun drawer pulls in lucite to add a modern touch and some sparkle.  Love this look.  So many people have stopped in and commented on these pulls.

 We are stocking the wine cooler with wine and … a little bit of water in the bottom.  Have to stay hydrated after all if one lives in this house!!

You can see our rug rolled up here.  We are keeping it safe and clean until all the workers are finished in the spaces… no need to unroll it quite yet.

 We started trying out some options… what looks good here and there?  We are still waiting on our pre-fabricated wall panels for the main wall where the cabinets are… remember, the one to cover the existing herringbone black mirrored and antique mirrored tile?  But it is all coming together while we wait…

 We are adding our fun, funky vases and accessories to the shelves.  They look cool with the strie’d wallpaper.  So fun.  I am not going to lay them exactly where I want them until we have everything in… Just want to keep it safe for the moment on the shelves…

LOOK AT MR. COW!!  OR IT’S REALLY MABEL THE COW.  SHE’S FROM MERRITT GALLERY ART IN CHEVY CHASE.  Isn’t she the GREATEST??  Nothing like a sweet, fluffy cow.  Not sure she will stay here but she’s a keeper for the space.

Here is another fun piece from Merritt Gallery… and I love this frame it’s in.  So well done.  And check out the fun peacock cups.  Oh and Oh… in this picture you can now see the pre-fabricated wall panels!!  They are IN!  And looking so nice.  Here are more shots below…

See the pre-fabricated wall panels??  Doesn’t this look great?  This was no mean feat for these installers… they measured and re-measured and then came and measured again.  Seriously, this had to fit perfectly.  Knightsbridge Interiors is incredible.  So pleased with this result.

And…what do you think of the Diet Coke can?  Should it stay?  It says, “Celebrate in the Butler’s Pantry”, right?  But…well the red doesn’t go very well in the room…. maybe we need a Sprite in here instead.

The umbrella stand is in with the (REAL) peacock feathers inside, all ready for us to fluff up.  Incidentally, these feathers have been waiting their turn to show off here at the Design House, but they were up in my closet on the top shelf to keep them away from the cats.  Yes, our cats LOVE feathers.  Anyone with a cat would know that you must keep any feathers (even the dyed red and yellow and blue kinds from Michael’s craft shop) away from them.  Could you imagine how much fun they’d have with PEACOCK FEATHERS???   I guess I should have just taken these feathers to the office instead but…

A little artwork to tie together all the colors in the space.  Fun, huh?

So it is still a work in progress but coming along…

Some things stay and some go… just not sure where to place everything yet…

Above:  Now we moved Mabel the Cow to the corner of the counter.  I think I like her better there.  She is very happy lodged between the swirly vase and the other details.

So this “stone” above is from Merritt Gallery too, but it is not a stone.  I kept trying to pick it up as if it was really heavy…but it’s not.  It’s hand blown glass.  So cool.  And it has little sparkles when it catches the light.

Next we will move on to the real space.  We are all done now and ready for photo shoots, Press Day, etc.  This has been such a fun process.  All the designers and workers are nice and supportive.  What a great, super talented group.  And walking around to see all the rooms, I must say that I think this is the BEST DC Design House show house that I have seen EVER.  Wow, what an honor to be amongst such talent.  We can all learn so much from each other.  I have already absorbed and learned a ton from these designers.  What a great experience.

So more soon about the show house.  But try to visit.  It really is spectacular this year.  

Hope to see you there.  Stop by and say hi!

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