DC Design House 2015 – Butler’s Pantry – Part IX

DC Design House 2015
 – Butler’s Pantry – Part IX

So with our rendering in place, we are moving forward.  I just wanted to share some fun photos of our meetings at the Design House and other details here.

Perspective art by Maria Morga, www.MorgaStudios.com

Picture from DC Design House Facebook Page

You can see all the presentation boards submitted for the various rooms by designers for the Design House.  I believe there were over 80 designers submitting for the 27 spaces.

from the Facebook page for DC Design House

This just demonstrate the cold and wet days leading up to Bare Bones day at the DC Design House.  Pretty photo.  This is in front of the fountain which is located in the front yard of the home.

from Facebook page of DC Design House

The first meeting of the DC Design House designers and committee staff.  Note all the wine… are we all that stressed out???  So funny.

Facebook page of DC Design House

Another picture above of that first meeting after the designers had been selected and before the house was even complete.

DC Design House Facebook Page

Here is another picture.  Note everyone is in their coats.  No power in the house yet and it was our coldest January on record!!

Our fearless leaders – Randi Reilley, Taylor Wells and Karen Bailey

On Bare Bones Day, a few of us met in the Master Bathroom while touring around.  This picture includes Jeff Akseizer, Skip Sroka, Christopher Patrick and me.  Bare Bones Day was really fun.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished rooms!!


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