…. And … Dog Beds

Dog Beds – Bed or Designer Bed?  
To buy or not to buy??

We love to LOOK at these doggie beds more than BUY one!

Dog Beds.  To buy or not to buy?  And which style or kind of bed to buy?

Our dog loves her doggie bed…it’s not fancy; just straight from a local pet store.  Some of our clients prefer fancier, designer style beds for their dogs.

This one below looks cozy… I wouldn’t mind a day bed like this to hang out on, what about you?  Would be fun with the kids…we could sit or lie around and do crafts!!

While this next one below seems uncomfortable, I must say that dogs love the cool air that can circulate all around them with these army-style beds.  Our own Australian Shepherd jumps onto our trampoline for a little afternoon snooze all the time!  Same sort of thing, just bigger.

Now this little one below…great idea; takes up so little space.  And you can watch TV together!  But our dog would want to be on the sofa with us, not under the table.

Now I love LOVE this next one below.  But how does the top doggie get up there?  Can he really climb this ladder?

Okay my favorite is this bed.

Isn’t this a crazy fancy bed?  Years ago when I first started into the interior design business, I worked for a designer and we had a client who wanted us to design a bed for her dog to look exactly like HER bed, down to all the bedding and details.  We sort of chuckled and thought it was crazy.  But look now…there are so many dog bed selections… you could have a designer dog bed site and probably do quite well!!  Who would have imagined?  We just all love our pets, maybe a little too much!!

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