Cool Stripes – Always “In” in one way or another!!

I know these pictures are summery, but I just couldn’t help it!  Already I’m dreaming of summer days, breezy, warm, relaxed.  I could use a vacation somewhere warm, how about you?

Stripes don’t have to be summery, but I can definitely see placing my flip flops in this bag above.

For me, stripes give a tailored feeling to a space.  Stripes can pull together the look and make one feel safer and more enclosed… it is hard to describe, but stripes… straight lines… are confining and safe.  They represent direction.  They represent order.  Now this might sound so obvious, but subconsciously, we are always picking up on these details without even meaning to.

In design, directional stripes control our space … we can make a space look larger with stripes on the floor.  We can draw the eye to one pillow based on strong stripes.  We can convey feelings with just a few varied and colorful stripes.  Inviting.

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