All Things Malachite

All Things Malachite

I love Malachite.  It is this beautiful geological study in natural patterns and colors… such an amazing part of nature.  So lately I keep coming across Malachite.

The first two images here are from the Wisteria catalog,  They are “in the know” with the latest fresh catalog designs.

The BEST malachite I saw in 2014, though, was at the High Point Furniture Market this past Fall.  I was perusing the Century Furniture Showroom, which was quite crowded with all sorts of designers, shop owners, CEOs and you name it,, and there, all of a sudden, was this unbelievable Malachite table with a lucite base.  Incredible!  Impossible!!  No lucite base could hold up that much Malachite.  I quietly sidled up to the table amongst the many professionals to… just… touch it…  And, of course, it was not REALLY malachite, but just a painted finish to look like it.  Beautiful!  A great table for a dramatic dining room or even for an overpowering conference room.  That would put people in their place.


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