A dear friend of 15 plus years recently started a new business that I am very excited to share with you.  Check out these purses and other fun accessories…All custom made, they can even cater to your exact wishes…You can match an outfit, the colors in a room…anything!!  You can’t find a better gift for family, friends or even for yourself!! 
Here is Janet Naughton’s story below:

The Taylor Naughton Story

Two moms, one painted wooden purse and long evenings at swim practice…… That’s how it all started. The summer purse used by Janet was admired by numerous passer-­‐byers at the pool and various other locations around town. Finally, one day, a small business owner and friend suggested that we revive the painted wooden purses and open our own business. Thus was born Taylor (Pia) Naughton (Janet) purses.


Our philosophy is to create “unique works of art for the wardrobe.”
That message was been warmly received and expanded in just two short

months to our creating not only personalized purses but also customized jewelry boxes, dresser boxes, bridge boxes, and even a catch-­‐all box for an entry hall.


We love developing our new lines for each season but especially enjoy the challenge of designing personalized gifts with our clients for their loved ones! We customize each item based on our original designs and hand craft them using decoupage techniques, painting or a combination of both.

Pia Taylor, a native New Yorker and Marketing/Communications professional, moved to Virginia in 1989 to pursue a degree in Graphic Design from Marymount University. Though still employed full time, and with a family to care for, she still finds the time for her “art therapy.”

Janet Naughton, an attorney from Jackson, MS, made her home in Virginia in 1988 while pursuing a masters in Corporate Law at George Washington University. After nearly 20 years in Federal service, she decided to work from home part time and be a full time Mom. With those years of being needed extensively coming to a close, she decided to find a passion that could fulfill her need to be productive while affording her the time to “be Mom” during the day. Painting was a passion she had many years ago and crafting was a hobby she pursued with her Mother. In fact, it was Henrietta Roell’s painted wooden purse that was catching the eye of many an admirer. So being able to create in honor of her mother and revisit that long ago passion of art was a natural fit.

These two ladies, who enjoyed each other’s company, decided a partnership would allow them both to paint, build a business and have that coveted time with their children. “Growing a family friendly business is a labor of love,” said Janet. “We know that the long term gain, in terms of being able to grow a successful business and have the optimal work / family balance, keeps us working hard while enjoying creating unique works of art. “ For more information about our lines and on how to own your very own customized work of art for your wardrobe (purses, jewelry boxes, bridge boxes, dresser boxes, keepsake boxes, decorative pieces for the home), find us on:

Etsy.com/shop/taylornaughton and facebook.com/taylornaughtonpurses

Etsy.com/shop/taylornaughton and facebook.com/taylornaughtonpurses

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