Designer Picks of the Day – Finishing Touches

Designer Picks of the Day
…finishing touches …
Let’s complete the look today from last week’s designs:
One of these side tables on each side of the sofa from a few days ago…This table can be ordered with a deep gray finish as well, which would be stunning with the area rug, fun sofa, artwork, etc.  This simple yet beautiful Roman table is by Niermann Weeks and is “To the Trade Only.”

While I love these beehive vases, the off-white one would be the only one to select for our “look” we’ve created all last week.  Get one of each size in the off-white color and place them on the cool waterfall coffee table.
Small cut glass box from Sterling Cut Glass for one of the side tables.

Add a coffee table book on SPACE to the waterfall cocktail table, above…

Then add a beautiful surreal garden book on top of the SPACE book, and voila, this space is complete!!
Can you think of anything to add to this style and space??  If so, please send a picture or link to us and we will include it!!

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