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      Writing a blog takes a lot of time.  A LOT of time!  The best blogs take the authors hours, perhaps even an entire day, to write.  At Margery Wedderburn Interiors we LOVE to write in our blog, but we are currently super busy with our amazing design clients, so time is limited.  For that reason I want to take you with us on a journey as we work directly on design projects. 

Before, During and After …

We are going to start a new series called, “Before, During and After” and we will ask for your input.  We will show you photos of a project we are just starting to work on, and then you will journey with us as we work with the client and make decisions about a project.  We will even have you vote for what you think might work.  Sounds like fun, right?  Let’s get started!!

Our first client has a condo in the Washington, DC area.  She is a fun, energetic person who wants things done “yesterday.”  With her own individual drive, she tends to make decisions quickly and precisely…we love this in a client!

This is her Master Bedroom.  We will call her “Jeanette” to keep her privacy.  Jeanette has a limited budget, which is fine and perfectly normal, especially in this economy.  Margery Wedderburn Interiors (MWI) is happy to work with all types of clients with big and small budgets.   At MWI we believe that every person has the ability to create and enjoy a beautiful home, whether they work directly with an interior designer or do it themselves. 

Jeanette needs more storage…LOTS more storage.  So we are going to give her exactly that in this MBR, and make the room even cosier and more user-friendly.  She’s very excited!!

 In the past Jeanette’s taste has been all over the place…she’s done French Country, then went for an Asian contemporary style, and now she’s back to her original love of the French Country style with happy, fresh colors such as light yellow, lime, various hues of blue and tones of red.  She is so much fun!!  Nothing like designing for someone we love with good taste!!

So…what would you do here in this room for Jeanette?? 
We are going to add built-ins along the entire headboard wall.  This will give her an enormous aount of storage space for all of her seasonal bedding, seasonal clothing, etc.  She will have this very comfie niche in which to relax in the evenings while watching TV.  Here is a preliminary (VERY preliminary) sketch of what we are going to do:

Isn’t this fun??  Built-ins on either side of the bed…the bed will be ensconced in this little cozy niche with the wall sconces above .  The built-ins will hide everything she is wanting to hide in this room.  

Do you have any suggestions you would like to add?  Please let me know and I will share them with our readers.

Stay tuned…I am going to Home Depot today to meet with the Kraftmaid expert there.  We are doing Kraftmaid as opposed to custom built-ins to save her money. 

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