Bath Tubs

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Recently we were researching new tubs for one of my favorite client’s Master Bathroom.  She is ready to re-do the whole bathroom, so we did a bit of research to find out what’s out there.  I got my Senior Designer, Kimberly (who is amazing, I might add!!), to do a bit of research for us and here’s what she came up with:

Bath Tubs

Photo Credits (from top):,, Mary MacDonald
My favorite little luxury is to take a long quiet bath. I love the ritual of it, the pampering, the bubbles and bath salts, and my favorite rubber duck. 
I am amazed with that “spa blue” color that the water creates when I fill my large white oval tub.  
We neglect to take this luxurious time out for ourselves because other things usually take priority over “me time” (and for the most part rightly so). We all have over scheduled lives with demands: kids, spouses, jobs, commitments. A quick shower in the morning is all we have time for.  So when we do take time out for a bath, you want a great tub to pamper yourself in. 
Here are some examples ranging the full spectrum in prices for this true luxury. Starting at the top of the line model…this beauty costs the same as most luxury vehicles ($69,000. Kallista, “Archeo” Model # P50202-00, 
To the other end of the spectrum would be the Home Depot most basic tub, 
($198. Agua Glass Eleganza 5 ft. Left Drain Soaking Tub in White Model # 39764L)

Here is one of my favorites by Kohler:

(White Vintage Tub,

Some more fun tubs and bathrooms:

Photo Credits: 
Q: So what makes that “spa blue color” in the tub when it is filled with water? 
A: Basically the answer is: because water is Blue!
In a nutshell, water not completely a transparent liquid. “All substances to a certain degree absorb light, … the intensity of a beam of light spreading through matter drops exponentially with distance, as described by the so called Beer-Lambert law.”
For a very through scientific explanation you can find out more by clicking here:

I recently took a mini-vaction to a Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, where I learned all about the amazing variety of salts and the many health benefits from cooking and using salts in our baths.  One particular salt they use at the Spa and in their signature restaurant, aptly named, “Salt,” is called Himalayan Salt. It is pink as a result of the minerals in it including: iron, magnesium, calcium & copper, along with 80 others!  This Himalayan Salt claims to help with circulation, removes toxins, lowers blood pressure, and helps with overall well being!  

You can also find out more about the history of the bath tub including a hoax of the anniversary of when the bath tub was invented!!) at the wikipedia link below.:
So take time out for yourself,
grab your favorite rubber ducky 
& take a bath!
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